The new Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is one of the most versatile and popular full-size trucks here in Newport, TN. Chevrolet manufacturers it in several trim levels and offers many configurations and powertrains to suit most drivers' needs. Plus, Chevy can customize it to suit your needs and preferences when you custom order one through Stinnett Chevrolet Buick!

This practical truck is perfectly suitable as a family hauler, daily driver or work vehicle. It flaunts some thrilling features too. Here is why buying the new Silverado 1500 is such a good idea.

Potent Powertrains to Choose From

There are several powerful engines you can choose to be fitted to the Silverado 1500, and they all produce plentiful horsepower and torque for demanding tasks around Morristown, TN. Besides, the available efficient engine saves you money on the gas pump without sacrificing performance.

The new Chevrolet Silverado 1500 has a stunning towing capacity. If properly equipped with a trailering package, cameras, trailering technology and large wheels, the Silverado 1500 is the ideal pickup truck for hauling a trailer.

Stunning Off-Road Capabilities

All Silverado 1500 trims offer respectable off-road capabilities. It would be wise to choose the trims fitted with a two-speed Autotrac Transfer Case, automatic-locking rear differential and skid plates for optimal off-road capabilities. Chevy also equips several driving modes to the truck to improve its off-road abilities.

Superb Handling and Performance

Steering and handling is an area where the Silverado 1500 outshines much of its competition. The steering dynamics feel great, thanks to the well-designed cabin and seats. The handling is excellent, and the Silverado 1500's braking power is firm and smooth.

A Comfortable and Stylish Interior

Silverado 1500 has a comfortable interior, and it might remind you of an SUV once you get inside. The rear-seat area on the crew cab models is spacious and feels comfortable when driving for long distances.

The seats are supportive and well-cushioned to give you a comfortable driving experience. In addition, some trims include dual-zone automatic climate control and heated and ventilated seats.

Come down to Stinnett Chevrolet Buick in Newport, TN to see these and more features of the Silverado 1500 for yourself!

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